Technology Support Limited was formed from a genuine desire to contribute; to our nation as a whole and to the development of our young people in particular. As an organization, we are acutely aware of the importance of the energy based Industries to our nation and we strive every moment to improve our efficiencies and thereby enhance the level of our service. We believe that we have a contribution to make, as such our commitment to our clients is to be always accessible, attentive, knowledgeable and responsive.

Our hope is that this website gives you, the reader, a true sense of our intense passion for what we do.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice for Mechanical and Process Equipment.

Our Mission

Provide an enjoyable work environment for our people.
Our success begins with a staff that is passionate about the service that they provide. People can only be passionate if they believe in what they are involved and can only feel involved if management makes a concerted effort to respect their ideas and share the rewards of their efforts fairly.

Only then do we believe we can begin to achieve the second part of our mission…

Develop enthusiastically satisfied clients all of the time.
Ultimately, our clients pay our bills. We need to be knowledgeable of our clients’ processes and understand how to apply equipment appropriately and match the two. We need to tailor our training efforts to fill identified gaps. In effect we need to understand our customers’ business goals; only then can we truly be of service. Satisfied clients thereby enhancing our sustainability to…

Contribute positively to our nations’ young people.
Clearly, the reward we hope for a job well done would be financial. However, we would have failed if we keep our success to ourselves. Our commitment to young people is manifested in our active recruitment of young graduates and is extended to active assistance of worthy causes that target displaced youth.

Our Values

Achieving our Mission, we feel, is directly tied to maintaining and practicing our core values:

Respect for the individual
In this multi-ethnic, multi-religious country of ours, diversity in the workforce is a given; we have embraced this, rather than let it harm us. People’s ideas and beliefs are precious and the very things that make them individuals, we welcome that, stifling individual thoughts is a sure path to destroying creativity.

Integrity in all our dealings and Accountability for all our actions
There is a certain level of cynicism in business today, where there is a belief that an organization needs to bend rules to succeed. We will continue to reject this premise.

A commitment to excellence in all we do
Too often as a society we accept mediocrity. Being third-world does not necessitate being third-rate. As an organization, our continuous pursuit is for excellence. As citizens of the world, nothing prevents us from being world-class, only our self-imposed limitations.

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39 Farah Street, San Fernando,
Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Tel: (868) 652 0525
Fax: (868) 657 0000


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